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„FREEONTOUR required both immediate usability improvements and a visionary concept for their travel planner to pave the way for the future.



FREEONTOUR specializes in helping you keep track of your journeys and sharing your routes with a lively community.

We had the opportunity to work with the great FREEONTOUR team (Susan & Tom). Together, we developed improvements to their live website and brainstormed ideas on how to make significant and positive changes to how routes are tracked and shared.

Like many products, the process of creating, sharing, and editing new routes has evolved over the years.

With FREEONTOUR, we had the opportunity to rethink and enhance this fundamental interaction pattern

#Ways of working

Mobile and Desktop

Final Thoughts
– „Striking the right balance was a pivotal aspect of this project. On one hand, we needed to implement ‚quick fixes‘ to enhance the existing UI and interaction patterns. On the other hand, we had to develop a forward-looking concept for the travel planner, charting a safe path for FREEONTOUR’s future.

We achieved this by dividing the project into two distinct phases and focusing our resources on each one sequentially.“

 – The project took place during my time at –