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„I am an expert UX Designer who is passionate about assisting you in creating digital products with a human-centered approach.“

Quotes from some of my collegues


Throughout my career I have been incredibly fortunate to have worked with a number of great designers, mentors and other professionals. Here is some of what they have said about me…

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„Click here to explore case studies and references from my previous workplaces.“

"Mr Rettig is a team-oriented and cooperative colleague who understands how to awaken team spirit and increase the team's motivation, effectiveness and work results by continuously improving work processes."
"Markus is a talented and unique product designer who is a pleasure to work with. With a remarkable combination of empathy, curiosity and a proactive mindset. Markus approaches each project with genuine passion and consistently delivers exceptional results. It is a pleasure to recommend him for his impressive skills, friendly nature and unwavering work ethic. "
"Mr. Rettig distinguishes himself through conceptual and future-oriented thinking. He combines a sharp, analytical focus on concrete project goals with a holistic understanding of corporate strategies."

A Few of the Companies I worked for